IT Band Strap - CEP Compression

IT Band Strap


  • Crosstrap system allows you to customize the amount of pressure by applying the right level of tension above the knee
  • The comfortable, low-profile design removes the risk of pinching and binding during active use
  • Adjustable, velcro-closure and tacky neoprene coating prevent the strap from slipping during any level of activity
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Six month Guarantee

150-200 wears before compression lessens

30 Day Returns

30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee

The CEP Ortho+ Iliotibial Crosstrap uses a unique Crosstrap system to allow you to customize the compression level over the IT Band above the knee. This helps to reduce strain and swelling, and ensures better comfort during activity. The Velcro closure and neoprene construction have been developed for minimal abrasion.

Material: Natural Rubber Latex built with a neoprene blend. U-loop Velcro and attachments.